All our international mission causes send representatives to First Presbyterian to help us understand the work that is being done. In this way we experience a level of "ownership" with what it means to stand alongside our mission partners. Click on any of the underlined links to learn more about global projects:

Ugandan Kid's Choir

Childcare Worldwide was founded in 1981 and is a child sponsorship organization dedicated to sharing the Gospel, providing education, and developing the unlimited potential of poor children around the world. Their mission is to build a bridge between concerned people in the West and children in the developing world to help meet their spiritual and physical needs. Through a ministry that emphasizes education and is based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Childcare Worldwide fights poverty through extensive food, water and medical services.

First Presbyterian recently hosted the Ugandan Kid's Choir who brought us their vibrant message of hope - sharing the power of God's love through traditional music and dance. Each choir is made up of 10 sponsored children who come from the poorest parts of Uganda. The children are chosen for their enthusiasm, ability, and dedication - all of which make them potential leaders when they return to their communities.

The Outreach Foundation

For more than thirty years, The Outreach Foundation has served God's mission in the world by engaging Presbyterians and global partners in proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. Their vision is for creating dynamic relationships that both deepen mission passion and build mission capacity.

Dan and Elizabeth Turk serve in Madagascar and work as advisors on environment and health concerns. Dan helps the local people grow native trees for beautification and to increase appreciation for Madagascar's amazing biodiversity. They will use these skills to help their community and families to achieve improved food security and nutrition. He also helps pastoral students grow fruits and vegetables. Elizabeth works to help design and implement a community health program. The program works with rural communities to prevent and treat the major illnesses that threaten health: malaria, measles, diarrhea and pneumonia.

Namumu Orphanage is a community-based program in Siavonga, Zambia with a capacity for eighty (80) children. Namumu Orphanage's primary mission is to ensure care and love for underprivileged orphans and vulnerable children. The center wants to offer them every chance for a normal childhood and to become responsible and independent adults. Namumu is working hard to achieve their goal to move these children "from desperation to hope".

Jo Ella Holman is the Outreach Foundation's regional liaison for the Caribbean. Her ministry focuses on churches in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, Curacao, Grenada and Trinidad & Tobago. She works closely with the Caribbean and North America Council for Mission, an organization that enables mutual mission among churches from the two regions. Her ministry involves facilitating and supporting programs of Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) partner churches and organizations and implementing regional strategies. She also works with mission personnel in the region by communicating regularly with them, offering them counsel and encouragement and helping them reflect on and assess their ministries. She also works with PC(USA) congregations and presbyteries in the United States that are involved in partnerships with Christians in the Caribbean.

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