Worship has been described as "the primary work of the congregation." It is certainly critical in the life and ministry of the church. Worship is the one activity that involves the entire congregation. It is our primary contact with our community. When people are looking for a church they start by attending worship. And often it is worship that becomes the deciding factor in determining whether or not a person will continue a relationship with a church. Most people consider worship to be the primary motivation and encouragement for the life of faith.

At First Presbyterian worship is a vibrant blend of worship styles, music, the dramatic and visual arts, and participatory engagement of the congregation. Our aim is to capture the energy and spiritual quality of contemporary worship while embracing the richness of traditional worship.

Worship design and content are highly regarded at First Presbyterian. Staff time and resources are devoted to the careful planning of each service. We begin with a monthly or seasonal theme and each part of the service is selected to support that theme. Recent themes include:

  • The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss
  • Everybody Get Walkin'
  • If This is Prayer, Count Me In
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas
  • 4 Biblical Texts That Changed the World
  • The Gospel on Broadway

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